A beautiful alternative to Battlelog

PStats BF4 is a utility app for Battlefield 4 which allows you to track your online game progress on an iPhone.

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Track your progress on your iPhone

The app gives you access to a range of detailed stats.

  • Detailed player statistics
  • Items unlocks progress
  • Weapons statistics and unlocks
  • Assignments progress and information
  • Offline usage

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A complete stats overview

How many score left until your next weapon unlock? How is your skill or K/D ratio? See all your Battlefield 4 stats in this app.

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What do you get?

  • No login requiered

    There is no need to input any password. Just type your soldiers's name and you are good to go!.

  • See your friends

    You can add as many soldiers as you want and you'll get access to their stats as well.

  • Offline Usage

    You have access to all the features also when your device is offline.

  • Give me your feedback

    If you have any requests, suggestions, criticizing or just want to say thank you, contact me!.

“ Great it actully works compared to other apps that are ment to do the same thing. ”

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Any questions? Drop me a line.


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